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Alternativa RTV Difusión, the educational Radio and TV to make our lives
a little better every day.

Help everyone to learn how to improve their lives…

  • by finding answers to life’s most essential questions
  • by learning to live together positively with our neighbour
  • getting to know the character and the life of animals in order to value them as true friends
  • learning to care for and respect life in nature
  • by carrying out sustainable projects that are friends of Mother Earth
  • learning to forgive
  • seeking healing forces also from within
  • facing positively all life situations on the basis of the true teaching of Jesus of Nazareth.

In short, applying the universal commandment: “What you do not want to
be done to you, do not do to anyone else”.
If we all take a step in this direction every day, we will soon solve
all the problems of our planet Earth.

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